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Top Rationale To Add Silver To Investment Portfolio

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why buy silverSilver may be a surefire investment in uncertain times, as a hedge against inflation and stocks.

Though often regarded as the “poor man’s gold,” silver offers investment benefits of its own, as well as some of gold’s strengths. Silver’s value and outlook are also affected by its use as an industrial metal in many fields.

Gold is considered one of the safest investments by investors, and it often recovers its value in economic recessions. When investor confidence is shaken, gold prices often rise as nervous investors seek a safe place to stash funds taken out of the market.
In the investing world, gold tends to get all the credit — it is the first thing people think of when they want an alternative to traditional stocks and bonds. But from time to time, silver becomes the focus of the financial spotlight and its price shoots up, even outperforming its yellow-metal counterpart in the market.
For example, traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum spiked silver prices to eight-year highs in February 2021. The Hunts, a pair of billionaire brothers, attempted to corner the global silver supply in 1979-80, pushing the metal’s price per ounce from $11 to nearly $50.
But what happens when traders don’t control the metal? Is silver a good investment? The short answer is, yes, both as a cheaper alternative to gold and for some of its own inherent qualities. But silver involves distinct considerations for investors.

Why Invest In Silver?

As with gold and other natural resources, silver is a commodity, a publicly traded, tangible asset. Because tangible assets have a pronounced upward trend compared to stocks and bonds, many investors turn to commodities like silver when the stock market is struggling or during economic and political turmoil.
Silver can be a good way to diversify and balance your portfolio against equities or other paper securities, because it is influenced by a variety of factors. Silver also acts as an inflation hedge. It has intrinsic value, unlike the dollar or other currencies.
Silver holds its value over the long term, and it works well when interest rates are low and fixed-income investments are not earning much. As an investment, silver functions in the same way as gold, playing the role of a “safe haven.”
However, silver is both an industrial and an investment metal, which has a significant impact on its price performance and outlook. Silver is used in a diverse variety of production processes, from designer jewelry to humble batteries, from medical equipment to microcircuits, and is at the forefront of some innovative fields.
“Silver is widely used in solar energy and the electric car industry because of its high conductivity,” says Giancarlo Camerana, a strategic advisor at QORE Switzerland, a precious metals and investment advisory company.
Many analysts predict that the demand for silver is likely to rise significantly in the coming years. Investing in silver can therefore be a way to take advantage of the technological advances and clean energy movement.
Silver is significantly more affordable than gold because the same dollar investment buys you a lot more silver than gold, and silver has the potential to offer more profit. Silver has maintained a fairly low profile, especially in comparison to gold, despite its affordability and industrial uses.
As Camerana notes, investor demand currently accounts for just 15% of the market, a fact that suggests the commodity is both underowned and undervalued. It is also relatively cheap, especially compared to gold, which provides investors with more buying opportunities.
Now may be the perfect time to take the plunge, as a bullish market meets increased demand from both the industrial and financial sectors.

Pros Of Buying Silver

Silver offers protection — As mentioned earlier, investors flock to precious metals in times of uncertainty. When political and economic uncertainty is rife, legal tender tends to be supplanted by assets like gold and silver.
While both gold and silver bullion can appeal to investors, the white metal tends to be overlooked in favor of investors in gold, despite the fact that it serves the same function. Silver bullion is a finite tangible asset.
Since physical silver is so valuable, it won’t crash completely, despite its vulnerability to market fluctuations, said Chris Duane, an investor and YouTube personality. He liquidates his assets and puts the cash into silver bullion when prices fall. He believes that our money system, and our whole way of life, are based on unsustainable debt, and that the reason to invest in silver bullion and the silver market is to avoid the mathematically inevitable collapse of that system.
The white metal is not only less expensive and therefore more accessible to buy than gold bullion, but it’s also more versatile to spend. Because of its lower value, silver coins are easier to break than gold coins, just as an ounce of gold bullion can be a challenge to divide. As a result, silver is more practical and versatile than physical gold, making silver investment more attractive.
Because the white metal is worth approximately one-quarter the price of gold, buying silver is affordable and in bull markets, silver has historically outperformed the gold price. GoldSilver claims that silver rose 448 percent in the past decade, while gold rose 166 percent in the same period.
An investor could hedge his bets with silver in their investment portfolio. Silver has a long history of being used as legal tender, giving it a sense of security. Many people feel safe knowing that this precious metal has been valued throughout the ages, and so they feel confident it will endure while a fiat currency might fall by the wayside.
When individuals invest in physical silver, whether that is by purchasing a silver bar, pure silver, a coin, or other means, there is a sense of security that its value has and will continue to exist.
Silver offers anonymity. Whether you value privacy or not, silver offers the same advantages as cash in that it offers a degree of anonymity when spending. As Glenn Greenwald argues in his TED Talk, not everyone wants to make all of their transactions public records. Privacy is a crucial part of democracy. This is another plus for investors who want to buy silver bullion.
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