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Helping savvy investors like you understand the benefits like potential profit and asset protection that come with investing in precious metals is the main purpose of Best Gold Investing.

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Gold has a rich history including helping build and safeguard generational riches. Its sought-after glimmer has been the go-to wealth protection plan of the rich and powerful for centuries. The growth of gold has been not been impeded by social unrest, war or even the fall of empires.
Nothing has ever been so universally sought after, and for so long – as gold.
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Gold’s Recent History of Protection

Gold, as a protector of wealth, was perhaps best illustrated in the financial crisis of 2007-08, when stock markets crashed around the world. This crash had a devastating effect on the investment and retirement accounts of millions of hard-working Americans, slashing values by over half in a matter of days.

While the financial markets plumeted, the ultimate safe-haven of gold rocketed upwards reaching record highs and maintaining the wealth of those smart enough to have been invested in precious metals.

It wasn’t only the super rich who benefited massively from this owning gold.
A small percentage of forward-thinking people had ignored the crowd and took advantage of little-known changes in IRA rules. They had added gold investments inside of their retirement accounts.
Those invested in gold and silver enjoyed all-time highs,more than capable of making up for losses in stocks and shares, while others saw the value of their IRAs plummet.
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This was simply gold doing what gold has always done best: protecting wealth.

Gold Investment In 2022

After many years, the stock market recovered from the 2007-2008 recession only to see a drastic drop due to COVID-19. Not only has it risen since the start of the pandemic, it has reached such heights that analysts and commentators are increasingly describing it as a dangerous bubble.

Wealth advisors are not only saying to expect another crash but are warning this one will be the biggest yet. Some are predicting systematic cross-market devastation as being near inevitable.

There is social unrest, economic sanctions, in addition to fighting words and actions bantered between countries.
Gold has dropped from its all time highs as the stock market has rebounded making now an excellent time to buy. Gold is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio because its price increases in response to events that cause decline in the value of paper investments such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds and currencies.
If you’re already invested in gold and silver it could be the lifeboat your family will need.

But if you’re not, Best Gold Investing is here to help.

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Is Investing in Gold and Silver a Good Idea?

We firmly believe gold and silver are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and are a smart investment in most circumstances.
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Investing In Physical Gold and Silver

Investments in physical gold and silver were once the preserve of only the richest 1%.

Central banks and new nations would buy giant 400oz bars and store them in their deepest and most secure vaults.

The “one-percenters” and central banks are still buying – and buying a lot. Gold’s steep price rises during crises in the 1970s, 80’s 90’s and 2000’s were enough to bring media attention. Gold captured a growing fan-base of smaller scale retail investors.
Investing in gold no longer required giant golden bricks costing millions of dollars but instead offered much more affordable 1oz and 5oz bars. Americans began being buying gold coins by seeking out specialist coin shops and bullion dealers in big cities.
The growth of the internet opened up more opportunities. Online bullion dealers began appearing, at first just a few. Then as technology advanced and laws were passed giving gold significant tax-advantages more and more sellers opened their digital doors.

During gold’s meteoric rise during the recession in 2008, the public’s imagination was really captured. More bullion dealers started selling to meet this growing demand.

In today’s era people have many choices when it comes to investing in gold. There are over 1400 bullion and coin dealers listed in the industry directory.

The high number of competing companies helps keep dealer premiums low. While finding a bullion dealer has become so much easier, choosing the right dealer has become harder.

The actual process of investing in gold and silver has become less complex.

We cover the full gold investment process in detail here…
  • Buying the right kind of investment gold
  • How this compares with other ways of buying gold
  • Make sure you only deal with trustworthy bullion dealers
  • Pros and cons of using gold as an investment
  • The risks involved
  • Benefits of holding gold inside of an IRA
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Learn more about gold’s unmatched properties for protecting wealth, either as part of your investment portfolio or inside a retirement account.